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Ottawa and Quebec reach an agreement in principle on health

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François Legault and Justin Trudeau met face-to-face last Friday in Montreal. It was during this meeting that the two prime ministers would have reached an understanding.


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Ottawa and Quebec have finally reached an agreement in principle on increasing federal health transfers by $900 million per year over 10 years, learned Radio-Canada.

According to our information, it was Friday evening, following the meeting in Montreal between François Legault and Justin Trudeau, that things were resolved between Ottawa and Quebec.

Remember that the Trudeau government had set March 31 as the deadline to conclude agreements with all the provinces.

Quebec was the last province for not having concluded an agreement with the federal government.

Both parties will have 10 days to sign and formalize this agreement in principle.

Still according to our information, Ottawa and Quebec would have agreed on a framework where there would be no accountability or obligation results – such as the reduction of waiting lists – imposed on Quebec in exchange for this sum.

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ELSE ON INFO: Still impossible to renew a passport online in Canada< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Quebec, for its part, has agreed to share its health data – which is already public – with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

This is a bittersweet victory for the Legault government, which still demanded $6 billion from Ottawa to deal with its rising health costs.

The offer to the provinces of $46.2 billion over 10 years was presented by Prime Minister Trudeau in February 2023.

This x27;is an asymmetrical agreement in that it is not based on the same terms as those concluded with the other provinces.

In the House of Commons, Federal Health Minister Mark Holland said: When I speak with Minister Dubé and the Government of Quebec, it is clear that the Government of Quebec wants to work with a spirit of cooperation , with our government, to improve the health of every Quebecer. This is why there will be an agreement with Quebec before the end of the month.

Remember that in exchange for this money, the federal government demanded more transparency from the provinces on the use of this money and better access to data on their respective health systems, in order to ensure, said Ottawa, that its funding produced the expected results.

This condition was perceived by the Quebec government as a federal intrusion into a field of jurisdiction reserved for the provinces.

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