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Original Appetizer: Sushi Burger Recipe by Hector Jimenez-Bravo

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

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Modern chefs try to constantly change, improve dishes and experiment. So now sushi-burgers are gaining popularity.

Ukrainian chef of Colombian origin Hector Jimenez-Bravo decided to prepare an original dish. He posted the details of the recipe on his Instagram page.

If you don't have the time or desire to spin the rolls, this recipe is for you.

Such sushi is very convenient to eat, and they look quite impressive and appetizing, – writes Hector.


• Rice for sushi – 100 g;
• Water – 200 ml (for cooking proper rice);
• Oil – 20 g;
• Rice vinegar – 15 ml;
• Unagi sauce – 20 g + 20 g;
• Nori sheet – 2 pcs;
• Egg – 1 pc;
• Cucumber – ½ pc;
• Green chili pepper – ⅓ pc;< br> • Avocado – ½ pc;
• Green onion – 5 g;
• Lightly salted salmon – 70 g;
• Mayonnaise – 30 g;
• Spicy sauce – 5 g;
• Soy sauce – 30 g.

Method of preparation:

1. Boil rice with oil, when ready add unagi sauce and rice vinegar (20 g).

2. With the help of cling film, form a “bun” from a sheet of nori and rice, as shown in the video.

3. Cut all vegetables, fry an egg.

4. Assemble the first burger: unagi sauce, egg, avocado, onion.

5. Second burger according to the same scheme: hot sauce, fish, avocado, pepper.

6. Serve with soy sauce.

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