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OnePlus is in the process of developing another smart watch

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Oneplus is in the process of developing another smart watch

At the moment, one of the best smart watches on the market is the OnePlus Watch 2. It seems that the Chinese company is already preparing a new version of its watch.

On the certification website of the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) has reported a new device with the model number OPWWE234, which is very similar to the model number OPWWE231 used for the OnePlus Watch 2. This probably indicates that the difference between the new watch and the previous one will be minimal.< /p>

Specifications are currently undisclosed, but the same model number was found in the TUV Rheinland database, which lists the battery as having a 500mAh capacity, the same as the Watch 2 model.

Presumably, the new watch could be the OnePlus Watch 3 model. On the other hand, the current watch was introduced not so long ago, so it doesn't make sense to release a new one in the same series. The BIS certificate suggests that it is more likely a variant of the Watch 2. It could be a more affordable version of the OnePlus Watch 2 with a set of functionality from the first generation watches. Some advanced features can be removed here, leaving the tracking of physical activity and notifications.

Also, it can be a special version of the watch or a variant in an unusual color.

Natasha Kumar

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