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On the mend: seriously wounded soldier Vitaly Shumei spoke

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr20,2024

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Ukrainian serviceman with severe head injuries Vitaly Shumei, who was cared for all the time by his father, spoke fully. Radio Maximum talks about the husband's condition in a new material.

This was reported by volunteer Iryna Timofeeva on Facebook on Thursday, April 18.

Ukrainian warrior Vitaliy Shumey has been speaking and forming words consciously for about a week now.

He does not whisper, but speaks. More in the morning, but still tired in the evening. His brains are working! Yuhu, I'm crying! Father is also crying. He asks to give a bow to everyone who supported the Shumei family and believed in them, the volunteer wrote.

The father owes his son's achievements to the speech and language therapist of the “Modrychi” medical rehabilitation center Victoria Kavetskaya. She does exercises with Vitaly for an hour every day.

We practice eating and swallowing with him, because Vitalik has dysphagia, and it is difficult for him. He eats a whole banana in class. That is, with nutrition, everything is getting better. He is a carrier of a tracheosome – a tube that is in the throat, it is for breathing. It cannot be removed until we learn to swallow, – Victoria told Suspilny.

Let us remind you that the commander of the air defense system Vitaliy Shumey received mine and explosive injuries in 2022 in the battles near Avdiivka. Due to a severe head injury – a skull fracture on both sides – he lost the ability to move, speak and eat on his own.

The soldier underwent three operations on his head, he was treated in Dnipro, Kyiv and Chernihiv. The father was with the soldier all the time, he looked after his son, read aloud books and messages from people wishing him recovery.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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