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Olena Zelenska visited the Book Arsenal: what books did she choose?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Olena Zelenska visited the "Book Arsenal": what books did she choose

Olena Zelenska/Telegram

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska visited the “Book Arsenal” festival in Kyiv. For the event, she chose an elegant outfit and a bag.

During the exhibition, Olena Zelenska bought 10 editions and saw with her own eyes the books that were burned by the Russian missile attack. The First Lady reported this in Telegram.

The First Lady emphasized that it was an honor for her to purchase at least a few books that survived the Russian attack. She chose Oleksandr Irvanets' “Emerald of Princess Nesvitskaya” and Valery Puzik's “Hunters for Happiness”.

It is known: no one returns from “Arsenal” without a stack of new books. At the time of Ukrainian resistance to aggression, it is not only about reading, but also about solidarity with our creativity and about preserving our word, Olena Zelenska noted.

But these are not the only purchases of the first lady this year. She shared that she mostly chose books about what Ukrainians are going through now:

  • “Poems and Songs” by the poet Hlib Babich, who died in the war,
  • “Outpost of Okhtyrka” by Yevgenia Podhody ,
  • “The train arrives on schedule. Stories of people and railways” by Maricka Paplauskaite,
  • “Home for Home” by Victoria Amelina, a writer killed by Russian shelling.

Olena Zelenska visited the "Book Arsenal": what books did she choose

Olena Zelenska/Telegram

The president's wife came to the event in an elegant look and for the first time in a long time took a bag. Before that, she had never appeared in a photo with such an accessory.

This is quite an unusual accessory for her, because at other events Olena appeared without bags, holding only a phone or a notebook. On this day, she probably took such an accessory specially. Volodymyr Zelenskyi's wife must have packed the books she bought at the festival into a bag. chose books” />

Olena Zelenska/Telegram

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