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Norwegian Equinor has become the leading supplier of gas to Europe, – Bloomberg

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Norwegian Equinor has become the leading supplier of gas to Europe, – Bloomberg

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In 2023, Norway provided 30% of the total gas supplied to the European Union, with two-thirds of the supplies falling to the oil and gas company Equinor. Thus, Equinor became the leading supplier of gas to Europe, replacing Gazprom, reports Bloomberg.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Gazprom securing 35% of gas supplies to Europe. In 2023, Norway became the leader in gas sales. 3 over 109 billion cubic meters The Norwegian company Equinor sold almost two-thirds of its gas.

The Norwegian Troll producer – the largest offshore oil and gas producer in Europe – will provide 10% of all supplies to the eurozone.

At the end of 2023 a number of Norway allowing development of 19 naftogaz clans. Three of them were taken over by Equinor, nine were developed under the supervision of the Norwegian energy company Ake, and the other – under the management of the German Wintershall Dea and the Austrian OMV.

Regardless of the reduction Parts to Gazprom, Russia to others postal leader of LNG (combined natural gas) to Europe after the USA.

According to Kpler estimates, supplies to the EU markets in 2023 totaled 16.4 million tons, the largest contributors were Spain (5 million tons), Belgium (5 million tons) and France (3.6 million tons). However, the EU is discussing introducing sanctions against the import of bottled gas from the Russian Federation.

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