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Norway plans to increase defense spending by 51 billion euros — Politico

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

Norway plans to increase defense spending by 51 billion euros — Politico

Norway's navy will receive the most funds.
Norway's government on Friday (April 5) unveiled a proposal to increase defense spending by 600 billion kroner (51 billion euros) over the next 12 years, calling it a “historic increase”. The country intends to spend 1.6 trillion kroner by 2036, double the current defense budget, to strengthen its industrial base and develop its armed forces, reports Politico.

“We need significant investment in our armed forces, and the term of 12 years will allow to have a longer planning cycle and greater predictability”, — said Norwegian Deputy Defense Minister Ann Marie Aanerud in an interview with Politico on April 4 on the sidelines of the Norwegian-American defense conference in Washington.

The Navy will receive the most funds, which can count on at least five new frigates with anti-submarine helicopters, at least five new submarines, as well as 10 large and 18 small ships. Oslo will acquire long-range air defense systems; will double the number of national advanced anti-aircraft missile systems (NASAMS), which will be upgraded for better protection against missiles and drones; and will increase surveillance with more ships, satellites and drones. 

“We need a defense that is fit for purpose in the new security environment. This plan includes a historic increase in defense spending and a significant strengthening of all branches of the armed forces “, — said Prime Minister Jonas Haar Støre.

Furthermore, by 2036, Norway plans to recruit about 4,600 conscripts and 13,700 reservists. Norway, one of the founding countries of NATO, this year will achieve the goal of the Alliance for the first time — to spend 2% of its GDP on defense.

Natasha Kumar

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