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Nissan released an unusual perfume: its aroma is amazing

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Nissan released an unusual perfume: its aroma is amazing

Nissan perfume also smells cherry blossoms/Photo by Nissan

Nissan car manufacturer released a new perfume. And they smell, strange as it may sound, of tires.

They also smell of cherry blossoms, because Japan is world-famous for its cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Yes, it's a super weird combination, and yes, it's a legit perfume. The fragrance is called Smell My Dust, writes Motor1.

Nissan did not say how to get a bottle, but its announcement coincides with the upcoming Formula E race,happening this weekend in Shanghai. This is the first time that the electric car series will travel to Shanghai, and Nissan hopes to attract additional attention with its new flavor. Apparently, strange perfumes and colognes are popular among the younger generation.

Nissan collaborated with a perfume laboratory in Shanghai to bring this fragrance to life. The exact composition is unknown, although Top Gear claims that bits of tire dust were used in its creation. Nissan has performed well in Formula E this year with six podium finishes and one race win and currently sits third overall. And this is how the team decided to celebrate it.

Perfume smells like car tires: watch the video

However, this is not the first bottle with signature Nissan smells. has a whole line of automotive fragrance offerings, including the spicy Armada, GTR, Patrol and 350Z fragrances – the latter of which is described as a “cooling fragrance” that evokes a “feeling of cleanliness.” This leaves us wondering how to describe Smell My Dust. Airy aroma of earthly pleasures, combined with the essence of car antics in the parking lot.

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