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Netflix: 7,000 French artists attack the platform with an open platform

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Faced with the omnipotent majors, audiovisual artists and technicians are no longer giving in. After the unprecedented strike that occurred at Hollywood last year, and which paralyzed film sets for several months, it is the turn of the French to denounce disadvantageous conditions. 7,000 of them signed an open letter of complaint to Netflix's intention, we explain everything below.

 Netflix: 7,000 French artists attack the platform with an open platform

French artists at the attack on netflix

Swann Arlaud, Valérie Donzelli, Aure Atika, Sandrine Bonnaire, Alain Chamfort, Agnès Jaoui… In all, these are the names of 7,000 French artists that can be found among the signatories of >an open letter of complaint addressed to Netflix this Monday, May 13.Among them, we find actors and musicians who create soundtracks, who demand better remuneration from streaming platforms. launched at the initiative of Adami, the Sociétéé civil action for the administration of the rights of performing artists and musicians, to protest thenon-application of a 2019 European directive.The latter, which was followed two years later by an order enshrining it in French law, is supposed to ensure artists appropriate and proportional remuneration, but has never Summer followed by agreement.

 Netflix: 7,000 French artists attack the platform with an open platform

The content sums up their dissatisfaction, them who feel not to be “remunerated proportionally to the success of the work in question. which they collaborate”:

Film with resounding success or series which accumulates the number of views and seasons? Few Regardless of the duration of viewing availability and the number of streams, the actresses and actors receive a small and unique package, determined from the start […] In. This situation seems like a Tantalus torture, where the law exists, but where it is not applied, it is difficult not to think of duplicating the latest demands of the American sector.

A barely veiled threat from French artists, who will not hesitate to go on strike >, like their American colleagues, if no agreement is found with the streaming platforms.

Natasha Kumar

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