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Marvel: after Furiosa, George Miller is attracted by this powerful Avenger

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Expected At the end of May for his filmFuriosa, George Miller already seems to be look to the future, since it has shown itself to be very inclined to lead one of the oldest franchises in the MCU. Marvel boss Kevin Feige could well see this maneuver as a wake-up call.

Marvel: after Furiosa, George Miller is attracted by this mighty Avenger

Only one Marvel film this year

Needless to say, Marvel is still bogged down. in a delicate situation with his MCU. A certain weariness has developed since last year, symbolized by several successive failures. Result,the Maison des Idées will slow down in terms of productions (only one this year), in order to readjust the shot. 

The recent announcement of the relaunch of the Nova project centered on on the character of the same name testifies to this search by Marvel for a solid axis capable of relaunching the machine. But as pointed out; Several entertainment industry experts say it's missing; Marvel's team of passionate creatives and directors to restore the image of a damaged MCU.

Marvel: after Furiosa, George Miller is attracted to this powerful Avenger

George Miller soon at the helm of one of the most popular characters in the mcu?

Would George Miller be an interesting first lead for Kevin Feige and his team? teams? The director that everyone is impatiently waiting for with his spin-off of Mad Max, Furiosa, on May 22at the cinema, was recently questioned byComicBookas part of the film's promotional tour. Particularly questioned on his relationship with Chris Hemsworth, who plays Dementus, the heroin-hunting antagonist played by Anya Taylor-Joy, as well as on his direction on a potential Thor 5< /em>, the Australian director showed himself to be very optimistic:“I could work with Chris on any project. I really would. He's a wonderful actor. He has the full range of skills. You also have to be emotionally and intellectually athletic to play these complex roles, and basically any role.”

In any case, the idea is not as far-fetched as that. The screenwriter has his own aesthetic, which could fit with that of the Asgardian god. Especially since the license ran out of steam under the influence of Taika Waititi, who wanted to make Thor 4 a film oriented towards towards comedy, but which ultimately turned out to be a vast joke in bad taste and with a mediocre script.

Marvel: after Furiosa, George Miller is attracted to this powerful Avenger

With Miller at the helm, we imagine a more serious return to business for a definitely morebadassThor. But in addition to convincing the thinking heads at Marvel, it will be necessary to reassure the star of the franchise Chris Hemsworth, who does not seem excited about it. to bring out the hammer.At the beginning of the month, he declared that he had become a parody of himself during his last outing. < /p>

Very harsh words which contrast with those used in 2022. He was saying this to himself. the “completely open” era to a fifth opus of Thor. Obviously, we are still very far from such an agreement. Rest at find out what Marvel plans to do with one of its oldest licenses and how to integrate it with its new vision of the future.

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