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Monobank bought a house for a 98-year-old woman who walked 10 km under shelling

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Monobank bought a house for a 98-year-old woman who walked 10 km under shelling< /p> Monobank bought a house/OMG!

98-year-old Lydiya Stepanivna, who walked 10 km from the occupied part of Ocheretiny in Donetsk region and lost her home, now has a new home. Monobank bought a house for a woman.

The co-founder of Monobank, Ukrainian businessman Oleg Horokhovsky, reported this in Telegram.

Lydia Stepanivna had to leave her home, which she built with her own hands, after it was destroyed by the Russians . She walked alone all day, under fire, until in the evening the woman was spotted by the military and handed over to the “White Angel” evacuation group.

The co-founder of Monobank published this video on his own channel, where the “White Angel” evacuation group helps an elderly woman. Horokhovsky was impressed by this story, and he announced that the bank would buy her a house.

This grandmother, who walked all day under enemy fire – hell, how is that possible. These disgusting creatures will burn forever in Hell. Monobank will buy Lidia Stepanivna a house and she will definitely live in it until the moment when this abomination disappears from our land, he wrote.

Oleg Horokhovsky kept his promise. Soon, the husband published photos showing Lidia Stepanivna moving to her new home.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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