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Mike Tyson presented a line of hemp candy in the form of chewed ears

in the form of bitten ears/Tyson 2.0

The former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson released hemp candies. The strange form of bitten ears has already been appreciated on the network.

The company of the former heavyweight boxing world champion Mike Tyson Tyson 2.0 has launched a new hemp product – edible bitten ears. Sky News writes about it.

Candies are presented in different flavors, including berries, sour apple punch and watermelon. The edible ears are already available on the company's online store, but have already been spotted at some New York medical marijuana dispensaries,

It is also reported that the 57-year-old boxer has planned a promotional tour for the new product next month, one such event should take place in Times Square in New York.

Mike Tyson presented line of hemp candies in the form of bitten ears

Candies in the form of bitten ears/Tyson 2.0

Recall that in 1997, during the fight, Mike Tyson bit off the ear of Evander Holyfield. Tyson was disqualified and fined $3 million, and his opponent walked away victorious.

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