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Microsoft will release a new Xbox console in 2026

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Company Microsoft will release a new Xbox console in 2026

An insider under the nickname TheGhostofHope, citing several “reliable sources”, talked about Microsoft's plans to release a new Xbox console. He claims that the announcement will take place at the end of 2026, and the seller system will release a new part of Call of Duty.

Previously, another insider – RedGamingTech – talked about the potential launch of a new Xbox with an AMD Ryzen Zen 5 or AMD Ryzen Zen 6 processor in late 2026. The company is trying to repeat the strategy it used with the Xbox 360, releasing the console a year before Sony's PlayStation 3. This made the Xbox 360 Microsoft's best-selling console in the gaming division's history. Sony isn't rumored to launch the PS6 until 2027 at the earliest, as the company prepares to launch the PS5 Pro that year.

It's unclear when it plans to launch the Xbox before the end of 2024, as Xbox president Sarah Bond has repeatedly stated that Microsoft will make the biggest technical breakthrough ever with a next-generation console.

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