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Microsoft is developing an artificial intelligence chatbot for Xbox

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

Company Microsoft is developing an artificial intelligence chatbot for Xbox

Microsoft is testing a new artificial intelligence chatbot for the Xbox platform, which is designed to automate customer service tasks.

This is reported by The Verge .

According to the publication's sources, it is about an “embodied character with artificial intelligence” that animatedly responds to Xbox support requests. This tool is part of Microsoft's broader effort to bring artificial intelligence to the Xbox platform and services.

The chatbot is connected to support documents and can answer user questions, process game refunds, and more. On Microsoft's website, he is described as a "agent to help with Xbox support issues".

Sources also said that Microsoft has expanded its Xbox chatbot testing pool in recent days. This could mean that the prototype has a chance to become a full-fledged product.

Microsoft confirmed the existence of a chatbot for Xbox

General manager of game AI at Xbox Haiyang Zhang confirmed the existence of Xbox Support Virtual Agent. According to him, users will be able to use the chatbot using voice or text.

The prototype allows players to get help with support issues using natural language more easily and quickly, Haiyang Zhang strong>

Sources added that Xbox AI is built on Azure AI Bot Service. The service is already being used by companies like Vodafone and PwC to build conversational AI bots.

Xbox plans to introduce more AI

The chatbot prototype is part of a broader effort Microsoft Gaming on the application of AI in the Xbox platform, developer tools, game content creation, operations and devices.

This covers experiments with generated objects for games, play testing and generative&nbsp ;NPC with artificial intelligence. On the latter, Microsoft is already cooperating with the company Inworld.

Microsoft is also considering using AI to moderate content, help with enforcement and appeals processes, and adding assistants to help gamers play.

So far, Microsoft has been cautious about using AI in games, trying to understand his perception. However, the company's CEOSatya Nadella  is pushing all divisions to think about how technology can be used.

During a recent meeting, management outlined the vision of “Xbox Everywhere”; with "innovations in the field of AI" as a key element. A few days after that, top executives hinted at a super-powerful next-generation console, and Xbox president Sarah Bond promised the "biggest technical leap in a hardware generation".

Sony also bets on AI

Sony is rumored to be ready to release PS5 Pro with PlayStation Spectral image scaling technology AI-based Super Resolution (PSSR). It is expected to be similar to similar upscalers DLSS from NVIDIA or FSR from AMD. 

Image scaling on consoles has not been as widespread as PC gaming. But soon Immortals of Aveum will be the first console game to support AMD's FSR 3. 

Microsoft is also looking to keep up with Sony's efforts to bring artificial intelligence to gaming .

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