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MeToo: Edouard Bear is accused of sexual assault by six women

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

The actor Edouard Baer, ​​notably famous for Asterix and Obélix : Mission Cleopatra or the recent Daaaaaali!, has just been accused of harassment and sexual assault by six women.

MeToo: Edouard Bear is accused of sexual assault by six women

MeToo stronger than ever

Definitely, MeToowill have changed in-depth knowledge of the film industry. Recently, the subject came back to the forefront following the publication of a long list of actors and producers from the French cinema sector accused of harassment and sexual assault. Among these names, Pierre Niney, Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche and even Raphael Quenard appear on the list.

MeToo: Edouard Bear is accused of sexual assault by six women

< p>Recently, it’s Edouard Baer who is in the viewfinder. Indeed, the 57-year-old actor was newly accused of harassment and sexual assault by six women. The information was provided. reported by Mediapart, while the actor firmly denies these allegations.

Edouard bear in turmoil

Following an investigation ;is carried out jointly by Mediapart and Cheek, it turns out that the actor Edouard Baer would have harassed and attacked at least six womenin professional contexts. The facts range from 2013 and 2021and have largely occurred in the media, film and theater sectors. These six young women have a similar profile. They were in their twenties at the time of the events, and half of them were in their twenties. among them are « Afro-descendants ».

For the moment, none of the young women have worn complaint against the actor, but they say embarrassed, disgusted and afraid of meeting the French actor and presenter again. The Mediapart investigation reports a sexual assault in a Toulon theater in 2013, in the personal offices of the actor in 2021< /strong>, or even in the toilets of the Maison de la Radio in 2019. Women report crude remarks, non-consensual contact or even outright sexual assault from Baer.

MeToo: Edouard Bear is accused of sexual assault by six women

Three of the six victims also claim that Edouard Baer would have had < strong>inappropriate behavior in Radio Nova premises, a show that the actor hosted from 1993 to 1997. Indeed, a journalist claims that Edouard Baer would have harassed her. by SMS and by telephone with several calls per day. Face to face her systematic refusals, she would have been fired from the Radio Nova team, unrelated to Edouard Baer according to the management. Another victim, a hostess, accuses him of inappropriate gestures in 2016. Finally, an intern also affirms that Edouard Baer had problematic behavior with her in 2018.

Edouard Baer disputes the facts

Edouard Baer wasted no time in disputing the facts. &àgrave; react to what is happening these different accusations. He directly sent a response to Mediapart and Cheek, in which he says he is dismayed, and confides his « astonishment» and his « great sadness » :

That women are angry with me? At this point, I would never have imagined it. No woman I have met has been able to say to me, “There, you went to work.” too far.” ÇThat didn’t happen to me In my life, this is not at all the nature of my relationships, neither with men, nor with women, nor with people in general. However, I regret that my behavior caused harm to me. comfortable or hurt these women. I am deeply sorry, and I regret not having had the intelligence to perceive it.

For the moment, the matter remains at the investigation stage ;te of Mediapart. For justice to take up the matter, one of the alleged victims would have to file a complaint. Business follow without doubt.

Natasha Kumar

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