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Koh-Lanta The Immunity Hunter: this candidate is unemployed because of the show

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Participate in a TV show as popular as Koh-Lanta is an opportunity that doesn't come along that often in one's life. So, we can imagine that it is a springboard for candidates, particularly in terms of visibility. But it can also play tricks on them, and a candidate from theImmunity Hunters paid the price.

Koh-Lanta The Immunity Hunter: this candidate is unemployed due to unemployment ;mission

ricky, a highly appreciated candidate immunity hunters

Each new season of Koh Lanta, viewers choose which candidates they will tap on social networks, and for whom they will take a liking. In the edition ofImmunity Hunters, Ricky rather belonged to the second category, but it was eliminated – or rather sacrificed – during the meeting of the ambassadors. The young man was obviously disappointed, but not dejected. 

His experience in the famous TF1 show allowed him to gain visibility. and to embark on new projects, as we see in a video shared a few days ago on his Instagram account. We see him participating in various events, notably alongside other ex-candidates of Koh-Lanta. But it is also up to Through this video we learn that Ricky lost his job at home. because of his participation in the show.

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<p>You probably already have heard about these stories as sad as they are unusual of these people fired for having faked their behavior. an illness in order to participate in television games. But Ricky never hid his feelings. his intention to participate in<em>Koh-Lanta: The Immunity Hunters</em>. <strong>However, this did not prevent his employer to refuse to extend his employment contract because he would<em>“not be able to combine TV and professionalism”</em>. </strong>This is in fact what the man who planned to return to his position as an education assistant in a college explains on Instagram after his tropical adventure.</p>
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By responding to a comment under his Instagram post, Ricky specifies thatwe explained to him that “doing TV cannot fit with working in an establishment with young teenagers”. A postulate that the candidate has to ;Koh-Lanta and its followers obviously consider it ridiculous. Ricky, however, seems decided; à move on to something else and puts it into perspective:“it's ultimately evil for good. In bad things, there are always good things”, he declares.< /p>

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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