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MELOVIN presented the music video for the song “Dreamer” on his birthday

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

MELOVIN presented the music video for the song


Ukrainian artist MELOVIN released a music video for the song “Dreamer”, with which he participated in the National Selection for Eurovision. In it, he talked about his path as a dreamer since birth.

The premiere of the video took place today, April 11, on the artist's 27th birthday. In the video, MELOVIN starred completely naked.

In the new video work, MELOVIN urged fans to keep dreaming and not to give up on the way to realizing their own dreams. The artist demonstrated the path of his own inner dreamer from birth. He told about the history of his formation, where everything was not always fabulous.

This work is special to me precisely because of its depth and philosophy. “Born to shine and in no other way”: that's how we within the team and with the directors Pavel Zakrevskiy and Mariama Pogrebynska christened this clip. This is a story from the birth of a dreamer to… And to what, everyone will decide for themselves after watching the clip, – shared MELOVIN.

The clip “Dreamer” is an emotional and visually perfect work , which reveals the topic of dreams and aspirations for them. MELOVIN appears before the audience in two images: naked in the pose of an embryo, which symbolizes the rebirth of the soul, and in the iconic costume from the final of the National Selection, which reflects the light.

I was naked on the playground for the first time. Completely naked. It was morally unusual, there were many internal contradictions. Who would agree to be naked in front of a huge film crew? It was a competition within itself. But he invented this frame himself – go to the end if you call yourself a creator. It was worth it! It came out unadorned, really. Just like 27 years ago,” admitted MELOVIN.

With his new clip Dreamer, the performer once again emphasized that people are born sincere dreamers who make this world brighter and better, only faith in this will help to cope with all challenges and walk this path with dignity.

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