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McCartney, Elton John and Charles III: published ranking of the richest Britons

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

McCartney, Elton John and Charles III: published ranking of the richest Britons

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The ranking of the richest people in Great Britain was published by The Sunday Times. Over the period, the aggregate balances of the 350 British riches grew by 16% and amounted to 795.4 billion pounds sterling ($1.006 trillion). At the same time, the number of billionaires changed from 177 to 165 – this is the most significant decrease in the entire 36-year history of the ranking.

First place among the richest Britons He is the leader of the Indian financial and industrial group Hinduja GroupGopi Hinduja his homeland (37.2 billion pounds sterling).

In another place, the financier Ser Leonard (Lyon) Blavatnik (29.2 billion pounds sterling) , which is controlled by Warner Music Group.

In third place are the founders of the company Reuben Brothers brothers David and Simon Reuben (25 billion pounds sterling).

< p>On the 245th row in the ranking is the Prime Minister of BritainRishi Sunak that yo squad Akshata Murthy (651 million pounds sterling).

258th place among the richest people of the Received Kingdom is occupied by King Charles III (610 million   Paul McCartney and Nancy's squad (165th place, 1 billion pounds sterling), < strong>Elton John (291st month, 470 million  pounds sterling), Mick Jagger i Keith Richards (rank 315th and 319th row with approximately 415 million pounds sterling), writing Johann Rowling (175 2nd place, 945 million pounds sterling), composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (282nd place, 513 million pounds sterling).

How do the officers mean to the list, Until then, both subjects of the acquired Kingdom and foreigners can be included. To be included in the list, it is not necessary to slowly delay in the country and mother the status of a tax resident.

We are in the hour of globalization, since London is considered the center of the new financial elite, and also includes people who are Love with the British has close ties with Britain, and other activists or who support British political parties, institutions and charitable organizations.

Zi list includes features that are not May of British citizenship and departed from the acquired Kingdom.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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