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Marvel: Thor kills Hulk using this dark technique

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

It's official: Thor has killed Hulk in the Marvel universe. And for that, he had toû use a technique that makes the death of Bruce Banner horrible.

Marvel : Thor kills Hulk thanks to this dark technique

thor vs hulk, a terrible confrontation

Thor is one of Marvel's most popular superheroes, and he owes this success in large part to the MCU and to its predecessors. his interpreter at on screen, Chris Hemsworth. The God of Thunder did not only have the right to good films, and Love and Thunder was particularly popular. highly criticized. But he remains a popular superhero. and very powerful, which even managed to achieve kill the Hulk in the new comicsAvengers: Twilight #6published a few days ago.

Thor is very strong, but we wouldn't necessarily have imagined him to be so strong. come to butt Hulk in single combat. According to the versions of the Jade Giant, Bruce Banner's creature can prove almost invincible,to the point of dominating almost all of his fellow Avengers. But the God of Thunder managed to achieve this. get rid of his partner in a tragic scene, after he was brainwashed by Red Skull and literally became a weapon of mass destruction. For this, he used his ultimate weapon: Mjolnir.

Marvel: Thor kills Hulk using this dark technique

the power of mjolnir in the marvel universe

In the comic book seriesAvengers: Twilight, Hulk has become despite himself. made him the secret weapon of the American Government, making him an antagonist no longer hesitating to attack. attack the innocent. As the Avengers attack Red Skull, Hulk finds himself confronted with à Thor.Bruce Banner manages to he has a moment of lucidity, and asks the Avenger to kill him.The scientist is indeed so desperate that he can that he is ready to die to do no more harm anyone.

But he can't keep control for long and starts to fight again. to struggle against. It is then that Thor, in difficulty, calls on Mjolnir in a final attempt to gain the upper hand:he throws the enchanted warhammer on the Hulk's chest, and brings him to the bottom of the ocean. Due to his superhuman strength, the Green Titan cannot get rid of Mjolnir, because Odin has enchanted him with his power. so that only people who are worthy of it are able to lift it.

Marvel: Thor kills Hulk using this dark technique

If the universes of comics and the MCU are obviously not directly linked, it is amusing to note thatthis scene acts as revenge: Thor kills Hulk, while his brother Loki was killed. humiliated by him in a cult scene from the firstAvengers. Moreover, Tom Hiddleston recently returned to this passage which had a lasting impact on him.

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