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Japan: Faced with falling birth rate, Tokyo city makes best decision

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Like Hong Kong, South Korea or Italy, Japan is one of the countries with one of the highest birth rates in the world. among the weakest in the world. To try to stop the phenomenon, Tokyo town hall has opted to for a rather unique decision.

Japan: faced with the fall in the birth rate, the city of Tokyo makes the best decision

Japan: one of the lowest birth rates in the world in the world

Only 758,600 births were recorded. recorded in 2023 in Japan, which constituted a new record,who has continued to be beaten every year for 8 years. In question, the COVID-19 crisis which has deteriorated social relations, reducing meetings and marriages, but also the long working days of Japanese in large companies where the pressure is enormous. Another element, the higher cost of living, which cools the youngest people to their future. have children, while insecurity is gaining ground.

The country takes this decline very seriously. And faced with the phenomenon, the government is trying to find solutions, such as a financial aid policy implemented over several years. Some municipalities even go as far as to organize matrimonial meetings on weekends to encourage families to participate. to meet. But this time, Tokyo town hall is going further in its desire to to stop the drop in births from year to year.

Japan: faced with the fall in the birth rate, the city of Tokyo makes the best decision

Japan's miracle solution to boost the birth rate

The metropolitan government has just announcedthe launch this summer of of its own dating application, as reported byOuest-Franceand20 Minutes. “We learned that 70% of people who want to get married do not participate in marriage. (matrimonial dating) events or are not on applications to find a partner, explained Tuesday a Tokyo government official in charge of the new application. “We want to give them a little helping hand” with this new tool, which is currently in the testing phase.

To register, people will need to provide documents proving they are legally single, and sign a letter declaring they are looking for a soul mate. marry. A tax notice must also be provided, to prove annual income. Dating apps in Japan often require you to declare your income.

Japan: faced with the fall in the birth rate, the city of Tokyo makes the best decision

We see that the country is ready to take action. everything to form future couples, likely to produce babies that will save the country's demographics. The country of the rising sun is closely monitoring the evolution of its population. At the beginning of April, a study suggested that by 2500, all Japanese people will have the same last name.

Natasha Kumar

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