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Marvel: studios backtrack, an old section returns

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

Marvel's logic, whether it's streaming series on Disney+ or upcoming films. The aim of cinemas is for all MCU productions to be interconnected. A decision taken a few years ago, on which the studios are now reversing by reopening this old branch.

Marvel: the studios are going backwards, an old section is coming back

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Marvel Television, a former departmentof the House of Ideas closed by Kevin Feige in 2019 due to the opening of the television branch of Marvel Studios a year later,makes a comeback with great fanfare. Indeed, the most observant fans were able to see the name of this division, recovered by the parent company in 2020,re-appear above the title of future series.For example, shortly after modifying for the fourth time the heading of Agatha, quickly replaced by by a fifth version, Internet users were able to see “Marvel Studios” being replaced. by “Marvel Television”.Kevin Feige would therefore have decided; to reverse its decision to apply identical logic to the logic television series and to the MCU films, by once again allowing the two branches to be more autonomous . A justified step backwards by Brad Winderbaum, the new boss of Marvel Television, who explains it as the willé to no longer force fans to chain films and series like the same big soap opera:

Marvel: the studios are going backwards, an old section is coming back

We want to make sure that Marvel keeps this logic door open to all those who would like to cross it and explore this universe. After Endgame, I think there may have been this feeling that you had to watch everything, and watch everything in order, to discover any new chapter of the MCU. But you know it, and comic book fans know it too, superheroes work becauseyou can jump on the bandwagon at any time. at any time,find what you like and use it as a gateway to life. into the universe, before exploring the things that interest you in your life. inside according to your tastes. So the idea of ​​this rebranding with Marvel Studios, Marvel Television, Marvel Animation, and even Marvel Spotlight, is, I think, to say to people “you can come on board whenever you want, the stories are connected but not necessarily, you don't need to have seen A to go to B“.

And you, what do you think of this turnaround?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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