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Marvel: Chris Hemsworth settles scores against Scorsese and Coppola

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Faced with attacks from several directors, including Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, With regard to Marvel productions, this is a visibly injured Chris Hemsworth. who wanted to defend the Maison des Idées, and settle a few scores in the process.

Marvel: Chris Hemsworth settles his scores against Scorsese and Coppola

Faced with criticism from Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola…

< p>Remember, several times, the two illustrious directors Martin Scorsese(Taxi Driver, The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, The Irishman, Casino, Goodfellas or more recently Killers of the Flower Moon) and Francis Ford Coppola, at; who we owe the trilogyThe GodfatherandApocalypse Now,have strongly tackled Marvel and the inner workings of its film industry.

For Scorsese, Marvel Studios productions cannot be considered “real cinema”. He notably compared them to &àgrave; of“theme parks”.It's more or less the same story on the other side of the story. by Coppola, who in addition to agreeing with his counterpart, adds that Marvel-branded films are redundant, and even “contemptible.”< /strong>

Marvel: Chris Hemsworth settles his scores against Scorsese and Coppola

… chris hemsworth defends marvel

Obviously, when your name is Chris Evans, Robert Downey JR or Chris Hemsworth, and you've shot it all. Since they have appeared in more than five MCU feature films, and these represent the majority of their careers, the information can be difficult to find. cash in. This is the case of the interpreter of Thor, who recently spoke in an interview given to the Times of London for the promotion of the spin-off of Mad Max, Furiosa.

To the British media, he says that“these criticisms are hard to take,This is something that bothers me, especially coming from people who are heroes to me. Hearing them denigrate superhero movies made me roll my eyes.”

 Marvel: Chris Hemsworth settles his scores against Marvel Scorsese and Coppola

The actor goes on to announce that“Cinema has not changed because of superheroes, but because of smartphones and social networks. Superhero films have helped keep audiences in cinemas during this transition and now people are coming back. So they deserve a little more recognition.”

and settles accounts with certain actors


Visibly determined; à settle accounts and pay to defend Marvel, the 40-year-old actor also insisted on return to the criticisms made by certain actors; regarding the MCU films. “It's like, 'These films are successful, I want to do one. Oh, mine didn't work? I'm going to scrap them.' I grew up doing soap operas, and ç It bothered me when the actors talked about it afterwards and felt ashamed. One of the oldest actors on Home and Away said, 'We don't get paid to say it well. the good lines, but for the bad ones to work Çthat's left to me.” 

Marvel: Chris Hemsworth settles his scores against Scorsese and Coppola

Chris Hemsworth is very sensitive when it comes to discussing the impact of the role of a superhero on his career (which he calls the “curse of superheroes”) and in particular his character of Thor.  “There is a curse of superheroes in the direction where They put this label on you, and I felt a little paralyzed. on what else I could do (…), it's a challenge not to get locked into this mold. You are constantly asked to replay the same character, which can become frustrating. to see in the role of the antagonist Dementus in Furiosa next May 22 in the cinema is not looking for excuses, he admitted having made a poor copy on Thor 4. “A parody of himself” in his own words, in Taiki Waititi’s much-maligned film.

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