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Marchand reminds governments to comply with the National Capital Act

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar17,2024

Marchand reminds governments to comply with the National Capital Act

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Bruno Marchand, the mayor of Quebec, published a message on her social networks.

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“We must stop doing violations of this law,” wrote the mayor of Quebec in a Facebook post on Sunday. Bruno Marchand took up his pen to ask that the next meeting between Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and François Legault “be held in Quebec, as provided for by law.”

The mayor criticizes the holding of two types of events in the last few days which should have been held in Quebec, he judges, but which instead took place one in Montreal, the other in Longueuil. He talks about this meeting between the premiers on Friday, as well as the press conference of the Minister of Finance, the day before the tabling of the provincial budget.

Bruno Marchand writes that he expressed the opinion that it would have been preferable for [the minister's press conference] to take place in Quebec, that it was clumsy on the part of the government, but that I preferred to concentrate on the content of the budget.

Friday's meeting seems to have irritated her more. I cannot show the same phlegm when faced with the decision to hold the meeting between the Canadian and Quebec prime ministers in Montreal on Friday.

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This meeting undeniably falls into the category of important meetings that the Law on the Capitale-Nationale (sic) plans to hold in “the privileged and priority location” of Quebec City.

A quote from Extract from a publication by Bruno Marchand on Facebook

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I expect that the minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, and all elected officials in the region at all levels, will reiterate that it is important that this meeting takes place in Quebec. Our national capital must be a reflex, not a constraint. The next official meetings with heads of state and government must obviously also be held in Quebec.

Bill 109, adopted in 2016, to which Bruno Marchand refers, is the Law granting the status of national capital to the city of Quebec and as such increasing its autonomy and powers.

By adopting the text, the National Assembly recognized the modifications it made to the Charter of the City of Quebec. Thus, the territory of the city constitutes the privileged and priority place [for] meetings; major political meetings and important negotiations, of all kinds, in which the government of Quebec takes part

Consult the text of the law here (New window)< /p>

In his publication on Sunday, the mayor highlights the words of Éric Caire during the adoption of this law: saying that Quebec is the capital is one thing, but acting accordingly is another.< /p>

He adds that he understands that several reasons make meeting in Montreal simpler, but believes that the necessary efforts must be made to demonstrate the importance that we grant to Quebec.

We asked Mr. Legault's office if it wished to react to the request from the mayor of Quebec. At the time of publishing this text, we had not received a response.

A motion to reaffirm Quebec as host of official meetings

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