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MamaRika presented the song “Someone is coming” and talked about a serious crisis in marriage

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

MamaRika presented the song < /p> MamaRika/YouTube

Singer MamaRika saddened her followers with the news that her marriage with Serhii Sereda was going through its first serious crisis and was even under threat. The singer sang about this in a new composition.

In the new clip for the song “Someone is coming” MamaRika shared her feelings. She showed part of their quarrels with her husband.

MamaRika and her husband Serhii Sereda are currently going through a crisis in their relationship. It seems that divorce is out of the question at the moment, but these are very difficult times for their spouses.

I would really like to tell you that “Someone's Coming” is a track about an experience we once had, and we're fine now. Unfortunately no. Everything is happening right now, at this moment, at this second. It is incredibly difficult to support the fire that was lit nine years ago and burned all this time, this is a real adult life, MamaRika admitted.

According to the singer, the last four years were the most difficult for their family – starting from quarantine and ending with a full-scale invasion.

Of course, not everything was always smooth, we were repeatedly swayed in different directions, but we always held hands and held each other. However, it was never as difficult as now. The song “Someone is coming” is about what we feel and live right now. It is very difficult to hold on in such conditions in which we live. Someone is suffering in silence, someone is trying to save the situation, the artist shared.

According to the performer, her family always comes first. This song is hard, but true. The filming of the clip was just as difficult. It was very cold – both outside and inside. In the video, you will see the real emotions that rage inside the couple.

We do not want to hide anything, and by our example we show that it is ok to be not ok, that in life there are such extremely difficult things periods Sergey and I do not want to give up, and we are trying to do everything in our power to preserve what we have, Nastya noted.

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