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Magnolias have already begun to bloom in Mukachevo: incredible photos of a flowering tree

/Mukachevo City Council

While cherry blossoms are just beginning to appear, magnolias are blooming with bright pink and white flowers in the city of Mukachevo. The network has already appreciated the beautiful miracle of nature.

A beautiful photo of a magnolia flower was published on the Facebook page of the Mukachevo City Council.

Magnolia is one of the oldest plants on Earth. Its first representatives appeared on Earth back in the era of dinosaurs. According to scientists, before the onset of the ice age, magnolia was widespread in the forests of middle latitudes.

As evidenced by paleontological findings, magnolia covered the territory as far as the modern Arctic in the Tertiary and Cretaceous periods. As noted by botanists-morphologists, since those times this plant has hardly changed its appearance and way of life, so even the ancient type of flower structure has been preserved to this day, – candidate of biological sciences Viktoriya Osypenko said in a comment to Suspilne Cherkasy.

It is interesting that the leaves and bark of medicinal magnolia are often used in Chinese medicine, while the flowers are used in cooking. In most Asian countries, the buds are pickled and used as an aromatic component for rice dishes and making a special tea drink.

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