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Dantes presented the fiery music video “I will stay young”, directed by Tanya Muinho

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar30,2024

Dantes presented the fiery music video < /p> Dantes/YouTube

Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Dantes presented a new track and a clip of the same name “I will stay young”. The idea of ​​the single was born from Volodymyr's sudden realization of his infinite youth, his own energy and life.

The director of the video work was the well-known Ukrainian clip maker and winner of the MTV Video Music Awards Tanya Muinho. Watch the incendiary video on YouTube.

Together with this leitmotif of the song, the thought about the inevitability of the future and “being here and now” became. The singer notes that the track is not about high matters, but about daily routine: normal nutrition, mental health care, sports, donating.

At some point I realized that absolutely stopped being effective or at least enjoying life. I decided that it urgently needed to be changed. Now there is a passion to live life in a new way: usefully, qualitatively, because right now it is worth uniting around yourself and each other, – emphasized the 35-year-old artist.

According to Dantes, another inspiration for the song became poems and the very figure of Vasyl Stus – with his steadfast principles, positions and lust for life.

I started reading the poems of Vasyl Stus, although many people around me claimed that they were difficult, but they seemed incredible to me. That's why I actually wanted to write something based on his poem. This is how “I will stay young” was born, the performer noted.

Director Tanya Muinho conveyed in the video the idea of ​​splitting the artist's personality to show that inside everyone there are demons that often win.

Tanya Muinho is a Ukrainian music video maker and director, laureate of the MTV Video Music Awards. Known for collaboration with Harry Styles, Sam Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez and others.

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