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Logitech G G920 Driving Force: a steering wheel and pedal pack at -50%

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

For fans of speed, performance and precision, racing simulation games offer us a real immersion, even more so if you have a steering wheel and a pedal board. Whether you are a fan of Formula 1, rallying or GT racing, it is important to choose quality peripherals. and the Logitech brand specializes in the field. Today we offer you the Logitech G G920 Driving Force, because it benefits from an exceptional discount and it is one of the favorite choices of gamers on Xbox Series and PC.

Logitech G G920 Driving Force: a steering wheel and pedal pack at -50%< /p>

Logitech G G920 Driving Force: for driving cars

The Logitech G G920 Driving Force packwas designed to provide an authentic racing experience very close to what we can feel with a real car. This pack includes a quality steering wheel and pedal set. which will allow you to feel every detail of the road thanks to its a force feedback system two very efficient motors.

The steering wheel is equipped with a hand-stitched leather covering as for the pedals, they are in stainless steel and it offers good resistance which gives even more sensations of drive as if you were truly at home. aboard a racing car.

Logitech G G920 Driving Force: a steering wheel and pedal pack at -50%

Concerning the specifications of the steering wheel, it offers 900 degree rotation, which allows you to steer with precision in tight turns as well as on long straights. The helical gears ensure Smooth, quiet ride without squealing or crackings. In addition, it also has an anti-backlash system to maintain excellent precision. The controls are integrated directly onto the steering wheel, and there is also a directional cross, buttons and paddles, everything you need to enjoy the game. background of your favorite title.

At the moment, the Logitech G G920 Driving Force is benefiting from a nice reduction which makes this keyboard and pedalboard even more attractive. A good plan that will please everyone all amateur pilots as well as experts. Don't hesitate for a single second for even more sensations.

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