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Logitech G G502 X Lightspeed: this wireless gaming mouse is under 100 euros

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

In the competitive world of gaming, gamers are always on edge. The search for the perfect peripheral, whether it is the screen, the headset, the keyboard or even the mouse in order to optimize their game. Players are looking for accessories and peripherals that combine performance, comfort, ergonomics and style thanks to the possibility of to personalize the lighting. If you are at Looking for a wireless gaming mouse, the Logitech G G502 of movements since there is no wire that will hinder you.

Logitech G G502 X Lightspeed: this wireless gaming mouse is under 100 euros

Logitech G G502 X Lightspeed: powerful in all games

The Logitech G G502It has a very beautiful aesthetic, especially when it comes to the white model. She will stand out perfectly from the others and she is really classy, ​​which is quite rare when you think about fashion. a gaming mouse. In addition, it offers very good ergonomics at a glance. the user since it has been designed to satisfy the most demanding players. It perfectly matches the shape of your hand so that it can be used over long gaming sessions and be as precise as possible.

TheG502 X Lightspeed is equipped with a HERO 25K sensor of the latest generation, so it offers extreme precision with high sensitivity. going until 25,600 DPIfor gamers preferring high sensitivity. Players can customize it however they want with 9 programmable buttons, you will therefore be able to create your own macros and shortcuts for an optimized gaming experience. It also has Lightspeed wireless technology which guarantees an ultra-fast connection, you won't see the difference with a wired mouse. And on the side autonomy, it incorporates a battery that can easily last long hours of play without any interruption.

Logitech G G502 X Lightspeed: this wireless gaming mouse is under 100 euros

Currently, the Logitech G G502 Now is the ideal time to equip yourself with a high-performance mouse with a very successful design. It will change your life, so don't hesitate for a single second, the biggest players are already using it.

And if you're up for it! Looking for an ultrawide screen to work on, you have to turn to the side of the screen. from LG with the 29WP500-B model sporting a 29-inch diagonal with a UW-FHD resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels, go for it before stock runs out.

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