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Kryhitka band released the first full-length album in 14 years “Megalyubov”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Kryhitka band released the first full-length album in 14 years "Megalyubov"

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Ukrainian band “Kryhitka” presented the new album “Megalyubov”. This is the band's second full-length studio album after the album “Recipe” (2009) and a number of singles and mini-albums.

During this time, the team changed its composition several times, and new compositions were created by new groups of authors led by the constant producer and vocalist Oleksandra Koltsova.

On May 17, the new LP “Kryhitka” called “Megalyubov” was released.. The new album includes 11 compositions, in particular, the opening single “Under the spring rain”, which was recorded together with the vocalist of the band “Heightspeech”. The song is based on a poem by poetess and military paramedic Olena Gerasimyuk.

This album is a fulfilled promise, charged by people who believe in us and listen to us. There are no random tracks in it. The songs were composed in different periods, before and during the full-scale invasion. Some of them do not carry echoes of the war, others are a direct reaction to modern events. We decided to summarize this stage of creativity and focus on new material, already with the awareness of a new stage of history, – stressed Oleksandra Koltsova.

In addition, the release included the singles “Megalyubov”, “Sunny Days”, “Amber”, “I drink this evening until the end” (a cover of the band “Dead Rooster”), as well as “Chain”, which became part of the veterans' rehabilitation project thanks to the sport “Support the Invincibles”, and “Yalta”, created for the video project Ukrainer “Brave Cities” about Ukrainian cities under temporary Russian occupation.

The album “Megalyubov” is now available for listening. on all platforms. The concert presentation of the album will take place on May 24 at the Atlas club in Kyiv, as well as on May 31 – in Lviv, June 1 – in Ternopil, and June 2 – in Lutsk.

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