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KOLA and KALUSH released two songs together:

KOLA and KALUSH presented two joint duet songs/photos from the archive of artists

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian show business, 2 premieres in the collaboration of two artists on two YouTube channels in one day. The popular Ukrainian singer KOLA and the famous band KALUSH released the songs “Take my heart” and “Remember” and their clips the day before.

Artists who need no introduction, because their hits are known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, united to record two lyrical songs about the same feeling that warms souls and breaks hearts.

Collaboration inherent KOLA's sensual performance and signature recitative of the frontman of the KALUSH band Oleg Psyuk presented their listeners with songs that touch the deepest recesses of the soul. The video clips for both songs were shot at the same location, which adds a special highlight to the event and emphasizes the uniqueness of the premieres.

The song “Remember” is about memories and sad thoughts after a breakup. A lyrical, melodic composition, which, despite the tragic plot, warms the soul, was published on the official YouTube channel of the KALUSH band. It is in this song that Psyuk, not for the first time, aptly reveals his romantic potential.

KALUSH and KOLA – “Remember”: watch the video for the song >

To the collection of KOLA songs on YouTube got a clip for the song “Catch my heart”, which sings about happy love, from which “the heart jumps out”. The composition will not leave anyone indifferent, because the sensual performance of KOLA conveys the authenticity of the emotions of a person who truly loves, and the lyrical reflections in the text of KALUSH remind of the main thing: “It is so important to live, to feel the real time”.

KALUSH and KOLA – “Take hold of my heart”: watch the video for the song

KALUSH x KOLA – Remember, lyrics and lyrics

Remember me
The sun will rise above the chimneys
And will remind about the main thing

And you remember me
But dedicate new poems to me
But don't forget me

This is not a disaster.
Where people are almost barefoot
They walk away from each other
Along the empty road

So their paths are at the corner
They diverged like rhyme and prose
They walk along the road
And barely carry themselves

Into the new , into the unknown –
Everything is unfamiliar to them there,
Where there is no smell of her hair in the field
And his hand did not shake the old ear of corn…

Remember me
The sun will rise higher behind the chimney
And it will remind you of the main thing

And even in a dream
I am using a conscious dream,
I would like to go for a walk with you there (because there is not much in real life)
Other visas are not interesting< br> I dropped the coffee so you know
Now I like to sleep (even though you are next to me)

I didn't forget the compliments
Even though I peeled off love from being in love
Love is also wordless
Love is always very rich in words

Remember me
The sun will rise above the chimneys
And will remind you of the main thing

And you remember me,
But dedicate new poems to me,
But don't forget me.

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