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Startup Lumen in 2024 will release glasses that can help visually impaired people< /p> Startup dotLumen will help visually impaired people/dotLumen

Possibilities of visually impaired people were limited by guide dogs and white canes that helped them get around. With dotLumen (.lumen), that's no longer the case.

Aiming to empower the blind, a Romanian startup revolutionized the vision sector in 2020 with the introduction of .lumen glasses. This headset gives visually impaired people mobility and the freedom to live without assistance, writes 3 Seas Europe.

From what may seem like a trivial task, for example grocery shopping or a walk in the park, to education and career, glasses provide the user with all the necessary assistance in matters of mobility and accessibility.

While the cane and dog remain viable options, more options are needed as technology advances. The number of people in need has long exceeded millions. .Lumen aims to help people everywhere live the life they've always wanted, without the need for outside help. And in 2024, the startup will release glasses that can help people with visual impairments.

dotLumen – a combination of science and artificial intelligence

The headset works on a dual system consisting of a sensor system and programs control with feedback. The sensor system consists of five cameras that interpret the surrounding world, to determine the environment, position and contextual information needed by the user. The feedback system uses tactile (kinesthetic and tactile) stimuli and sounds to inform the user.

More than 40 engineers, professors, disability experts, designers and scientists using the latest artificial intelligence and robotics technologies have developed .lumen glasses to provide a scalable solution to an ongoing problem for the blind.

These glasses will help the visually impaired: watch the video

Cornell minds behind innovative products Amariej, CEO of .lumen, Gabriel Cindris, Co-Founder and University Researcher, and Mihai Ivashka, Chairman of the Board. The “Three Musketeers” of the blind have dedicated many years to turning the dreams of the blind into reality.In fact, it all started with Cornell's goal – to provide blind people with a world they can enjoy to the fullest.

The first Romanian startup approved by the EU

Cornell Amariei grew up in a family of of parents who suffered from progressive disability of the musculoskeletal system. He was no stranger to the pain of those who suffer, for he witnessed the limitations imposed by disability. He wanted to do more to help people in need. Years later, he became a catalyst for the desired changes.

In 2021, the company received €9.3 million in funding from the European Union after being selected to participate in the European Council Accelerator of innovation, becoming the first Romanian startup included in the incubator. This year they also became the first Romanian startup to be named one of the Deep Tech Pioneers 2022 by Hello Tomorrow. The future looks bright for .lumen, which can only mean a better future for blind people.

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