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Kit Shayba and his guardian visited Lviv and opened a football match

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

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The combat cat Shayba came to Lviv for a visit together with his guardian, military officer Oleksandr Lyashuk. In particular, the star cat attended a football match and visited the Lviv animal shelter.

Cat Shayba visited Lviv with his guardian, military officer Oleksandr Lyashuk. The man reported this on Instagram.

They attended a football match and watched the match between Lviv FC Rukh and Kyiv FC Dynamo. As the star guest of the tournament, Shayba's cat made the first shot at the ball.

Then Shayba visited the Lviv shelter Home of Rescued Animals, where a charity fair was held. Keith helped raise money to support the work of the Home.

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>Military soldier Oleksandr Lyashuk found a cat in the southern direction – someone threw out a box with two kittens near a village store. The military took them to themselves. Soon, the cat, which caught Oleksandr's eye, shrunk away and became round – “like a puck”. That's what the guardian called him – Puck.

The cat is with Alexander at the front, has his uniform for every day and an embroidered shirt for holidays. Both boys also volunteer – they collected almost UAH 4 million for cars, anti-drone guns and other things needed at the front. During short vacations, Oleksandr and Shayba participate in public life, for example, they once conducted training in preparation for the Kyiv Marathon. And now they visited Lviv.

For his combat and volunteer work, the cat Shayba received a volunteer award. Thus, he became the first cat to receive such an award, as well as the second animal awarded during the war in Ukraine – the first was the famous dog Patron.

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