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Kalush Orchestra sings of eternal love in their new lyrical composition – “The Wind Howls”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

Kalush Orchestra sings of eternal love in their new lyrical composition – “The Wind Howls”

Kalush Orchestra/Press Service

The popular Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra, which won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, continues to delight subscribers with new songs. This time they presented an incredibly sensual and lyrical track.

Announcing the transformation to a multi-frontman band, Kalush Orchestra released another lyrical release. The solo parts in the song are performed by Tymofiy Muzychuk, Sasha Tab and Oleg Psyuk.

Timofiy was previously associated as the band's piper, but in recent releases, his vocals give the songs a Ukrainian folk sound without the participation of a piper, but with the help of a special manner of performance.

I wrote more than 100 songs about love and realized that you always have something to say only when your love is really true. Therefore, in each of my songs about love, I reveal it in a new way, because I feel it with all the fibers of my soul for 3 years. And, I often say that people can confuse infatuation with love, because infatuation is when you take, and love is when you give. It's cool that we were all able to convey the necessary emotions in the song – Oleg Psyuk comments on the new work.

The track “The Wind Howls” is about the fact that true love has no expiration date, that despite the circumstances and the duration of the relationship, if this is true love – it is eternal.

This is the band's third composition with an updated sound and style. Kalush Orchestra will soon go on a big tour of Ukraine in new guises and with an updated program.

Listen to Kalush Orchestra's track “The Wind Blows” here:

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