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5 life hacks for beginning tiktokers-entrepreneurs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

5 life hacks for beginning tiktokers-entrepreneurs

Businessman Oleksiy Mukhin, who has an audience of almost a million on TikTok, tells where to get ideas for videos and what format is better to shoot. Read the details in the new material of Radio Maximum.

Oleksiy gives advice to tiktokers who are just starting their journey. After all, a businessman already manages to shoot up to 15 videos in various formats by the afternoon, which successfully fly to millions of views.

5 life hacks for entrepreneurs who start blogging on the TikTok network


1. Be inspired by other accounts and common niches, or similar ones (you can take my account as an example and adapt the video to your business).

2. Film about yourself, your business and services, for example, how I do it. Don't be shy and shoot everything you see in your business. A bad video is better now than a perfect one, but never.

3. In the video, talk about your mistakes and mistakes, as practice shows, people like it very much.

4. Show how you interact with your team and joke around. Emotions and conflicts are also important, if someone is angry or arguing, show it too.

5. Ideas are everywhere! The more you practice shooting videos on TikTok, the faster you will find these ideas in the moment and shoot better content.

Using these life hacks will help you build a successful brand for your business on TikTok and attract new customers. Don't be afraid to experiment, create interesting content and interact with your audience, and you will see the results of your efforts.

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