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Jonatan Julien is the «worst minister » of the Capitale-Nationale

Claude Villeneuve, leader of the opposition at Quebec City Hall

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In 2022, Claude Villeneuve had described Geneviève Guilbault as “the worst minister in the National Capital”. According to him, this unenviable title now goes to Ms. Guilbault's successor, Jonatan Julien.

I found a worse one. Seriously, I think that Mr. Julien, our expectations were very high when he arrived, we were very enthusiastic. […] But it's like an acknowledgment of failure upon admission of powerlessness all the time, judges the leader of the opposition at Quebec City Hall.

Claude Villeneuve describes as pathetic the comments of Minister Julien, who, during the presentation of the provincial budget, maintained that the region was obtaining more than its share in infrastructure, citing in particular the construction of two schools on the grounds of the former zoo in Charlesbourg.

Not long, we will have to thank them for keeping the hospitals open . Frankly, I am disappointed with Jonatan Julien.

A quote from Claude Villeneuve, leader of the opposition at Quebec City Hall

Claude Villeneuve met with the media on Tuesday morning.

As for the discussions that Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand claims to have regularly with Minister Julien, Claude Villeneuve is looking for the results.

LoadingOttawa and Quebec reach an agreement in principle on health transfers

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ELSEWHERE ON INFO: Ottawa and Quebec reach an agreement in principle on health transfers

What they talk when they are together? At some point, wouldn't you be tempted to stop ice canoeing, discuss files and have deliverables?

A quote from Claude Villeneuve, head of the ;opposition to Quebec City Hall

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Jonatan Julien and Bruno Merchant returning from an ice canoe trip on the river.

Claude Villeneuve was also unimpressed by Mayor Marchand's outing on Sunday to demand that the next meeting between Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and François Legault be held in Quebec.

The leader of the opposition compared this exit by the mayor to a smoke screen. Claude Villeneuve criticizes Bruno Marchand for having waited until this had taken place to speak out, even though the date and location of the most recent bilateral meeting between the two prime ministers had been known for a long time.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Avoiding for his part criticizing the work of Jonatan Julien, Mayor Bruno Marchand believes that it is rather up to Prime Minister François Legault to enforce the Law on the status of national capital.

According to a compilation carried out by Radio-Canada, seven bilateral meetings between the provincial and federal prime ministers have been organized since the CAQ election in 2018. Four took place in Montreal, none in Quebec.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">I would like to believe that there are particular circumstances, I think that the demonstration is conclusive. The next one must be held in Quebec, and not just the next one, the next ones, says the mayor of Quebec.

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Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

Bruno Marchand deplores that high-level meetings in Montreal rather than Quebec are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Official Trudeau-Legault meetings since 2018

According to Mr. Marchand, it is up to François Legault to invite Justin Trudeau to Quebec rather than 'to Montreal. The Canadian Prime Minister, he is in the province of the Prime Minister who welcomes him, he will go where the Prime Minister tells him to go.

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