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Jonatan Julien is “the big problem at ; Québec » according to Marwah Rizqy

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Liberal elected official Marwah Rizqy at a press briefing on March 15 2024.

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Liberal elected official Marwah Rizqy launched a frontal attack against the Minister of the National Capital and Infrastructure Jonatan Julien, who, according to her, is partly responsible for the lack of major projects in Quebec. p>

The member for Saint-Laurent attacked the minister on Friday, a few minutes before questioning him as part of a parliamentary commission that she called it “the art of escaping from big projects. »

It remains the big problem in Quebec. It is up to him to ensure that the National Capital really completely takes its place, she criticized.

It is not at all understandable at this stage to have no major project for Quebec City. And honestly, it can't be the Los Angeles Kings. It doesn't work.

A quote from Marwah Rizqy, PLQ MP, Saint-Laurent

The saga of the third link, the pausing of the tram project are proof according to her that the CAQ is not capable of delivering major projects to Quebec.

They made a lot of promises, they talked a lot, but they delivered nothing. Honestly for the Capitale-Nationale, it’s embarrassing.

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She criticizes the fact that Quebec extended $870 million for the new roof and the new technical ring of the Olympic Stadium (New window) in Montreal without having recent studies on the costs linked to this project.

In parliamentary committee, Jonatan Julien defended his record. He points out that the CAQ has invested $9.1 billion over the last five years in the Quebec region.

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Jonatan Julien believes that the inauguration of phase 3 of the Samuel-de-Champlain promenade last summer constitutes a notable achievement. (Archive photo)

If for the liberal party, to create schools, to create homes for the elderly, to carry out structuring projects in the service from the community it's not major projects, well you're in trouble! Replied the CAQ MP to Marwah Rizqy.

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