Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The Israeli company Elbit will update artillery systems for a "mysterious European client"

Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems has signed a contract to strengthen the artillery capabilities of an unknown European country.


The agreement involves the integration of Elbit Systems' advanced artillery control solution , systems of communication, computers and intelligence (C4I) in the country's 155-mm howitzer battalions. This update will introduce enhanced Digital Fires capabilities that will revolutionize the effectiveness and agility of artillery units.

The enhancement is based on the inclusion of Elbit Systems' comprehensive C4ISR artillery suite, which includes Torch-X Fires and E-LynX Software Defined Radios Radio (SDR). Torch-X Fires is a multi-layered integrated solution that uses advanced technology for seamless cross-force coordination, rapid planning and execution of operations, and accurate sensor-to-gunner data transfer.

Complementing the Torch-X Fires family of radios SDR E-LynX represents the latest generation of tactical communication solutions. These radios are designed to meet the requirements of today's battlespace, providing fast, stable and secure communications in diverse terrain while facilitating voice, data and video transmission.

Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber, expressed confidence in the transformative impact of the company's C4I artillery solution on the customer's military capabilities. Delmar emphasized that the integration of Elbit Systems technology will increase the efficiency of artillery operations, optimize operational efficiency and seamlessly integrate artillery forces with a wide portfolio of Networked Warfare Systems.

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