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Israel will surrender to Iran soon, – IDF

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Israel will surrender to Iran as soon as possible, – IDF

Photo: IDF

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Peter Lerner said that Israel's order offers a “wide range of options” Just alert Iran to the recent attack. Decisions will be made today, the 15th of April, or at the earliest possible time. About this write ABC News.

According to Lerner, the military presented “a wide range of options” evidence of a missile attack on Iran. Israel's message can be “with or without blow.” There are a lot of different scenarios to avoid.

It means that the decision will be made within the next few days, the 15th quarter, or over the coming days. 

Advise to Iran 

Varto added that, based on the data The Wall Street Journal, the President of the United States of America (USA) called on Israel to be careful in response to an unexpected attack, or not allow it to at war at the Close Gathering, and also not to involve the States before it. 

American and foreign officials are aware that Israel is reacting quickly to attacks on Iran, already on Monday, officials said Other individuals. They are confident that the offending countries will be able to drink with a hint of victory, which will allow them to contain the escalation of tension.

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