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Israel has signed a contract with a mysterious European partner for a radar and air defense system

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

Israel signs contract with mysterious European partner for radar and air defense system

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed a contract to supply a multi-sensor multi-purpose radar (MS-MMR) system to enhance anti-aircraft capabilities defense of a European country. Designed and manufactured by IAI ELTA Systems, this advanced ESM radar sensor is designed to improve situational awareness and threat detection.


This announcement was made by Adi Dulberg, Vice President and General Manager IAI ELTA’s Intelligence, without specifying which European partner will use the MS-MMR. This multi-role radar system can be used with active Patriot, ARROW 3, or non-exported Iron Dome systems.

The MS-MMR contains an Electronic Support Means (ESM) system (ELL-8385) integrated into the MMR (ELM-2084). The passive ESM sensor greatly improves the radar's ability to detect and recognize airborne threats. By determining the electromagnetic signature of the threat, the ESM classifies and identifies the targets detected by the radar. In addition, it helps to distinguish between multiple targets that are too close to each other and can also detect radiating targets with a low radar cross section (RCS). ESM effectively increases radar range and detection efficiency. By combining radar and ESM data, tracking accuracy can be improved. Thus, the MS-MMR provides the air defense system with a richer and more effective air situational picture (ASP). This reduces operator response time to unidentified targets and prevents errors that can occur due to misidentification of neutral parties.

«The combination of passive ESM and active radar is the optimal combined sensor for air defense, increasing the ability to detect and identify air threats across the entire battlefield»,— said Adi Dulberg, Vice President and General Manager of IAI ELTA's Intelligence, Communications and Electronics Division.

«The combined active-passive Air Situational Picture will increase the security of our customers , providing their air defense system with the best threat intelligence».

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