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In Ukraine, a neural network for drones was created, which finds enemy equipment even under EW

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

A neural network for drones was created in Ukraine, which finds enemy equipment even under EW

The company Talan Systems presented a solution based on artificial of intelligence and biometric technologies, which allows drones to independently detect enemy equipment and objects. writes about it. The development is called MLP TALAN  — universal machine learning platform. According to Talan Systems, the technology allows drones to independently identify threats and take appropriate measures even under the conditions of operation of REB

How MLP TALAN works 

MLP TALAN uses deep learning algorithms to identify different classes of targets — tanks, artillery, aviation and other enemy forces. The neural network was trained on tens of thousands of photos for reliable recognition. The system can be installed on both attack and reconnaissance drones. It helps to find objects, track their movement and automatically direct drones to a target for observation or strike. 

Of course, there will be limitations on the hardware part, but the coverage of drones is very wide, Oleg Amirhuseynov, co-founder of Talan Systems

When using MLP TALAN, the operator can set the priorities of targets.

Critical , so that the drone does not hit some “loaf” for $200, and a tank that costs $20 million,  Oleksandr Liash, co-founder of Talan Systems

About 30 specialists worked on the development for several years. The total costs of creating MLP TALAN exceeded 200,000 euros. 

ZSU will soon receive MLP TALAN 

MLP TALAN is a commercial development. For testing, the company plans to cooperate with the military, but the details are not disclosed for security reasons.

We are already in the process of ensuring that the armed forces of Ukraine will soon see this product,  Oleksandr Bream

In addition, Talan Systems is trying to enter the market of Africa and Latin America. According to Amirguseinov, this market is very large and needs these technologies.

MLP TALAN has a civilian version

The MLP TALAN product also has a civilian version. The cost of the license is 3,000 euros, but a free trial version for 30 days is also available to users.

Training of models according to the needs of the customer is paid additionally. 

We can work with houses, food, technology, we can teach to distinguish brands of ketchup, sauce […]. But this is hard and painstaking work, Oleg Amirhuseynov

However, everything related to military developments, — this is closed information, the company emphasized.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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