Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

After the attacks of Ukrainian drones on the oil refinery, the units of the Russian Guard are undergoing official inspections, - Atesh

Agents of the partisan movement “Atesh” learned that in the units after the successful attacks of Ukrainian drones on Russian oil refineries, the Russian Guards undergo official inspections

This is reported by the Atesh resistance movement.

“Our a Rosguard agent said that official inspections are beginning at regional offices located in regions where oil refineries have come under attack by Ukrainian drones, as Rosguard units have been tasked with developing refinery security measures and other strategic means to protect from the attacks of Ukrainian drones, which they cannot cope with,” the message says. 

It is noted that the task has been set from the very top, and many scenarios are being worked out, but currently they are not have a clear understanding of how to effectively counter such attacks.

According to statistics, about 80% of drones achieve their goals and cause serious damage to strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation.

“All types of penalties, including transfer to other positions or places of service, will be applied to those managers who will not be able to ensure an adequate level of protection of strategic objects and will not take the necessary measures to counter threats. Other regional departments of the Russian Guard are also threatened with official inspections if such attacks occur in their regions,” the partisans report. 

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