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The British Army is finally allowed to wear beards, but there is a "but" /></p>
<p> Britain's army allowed to wear beards/master1305 </p>
<p><strong>Soldiers and officers of the British army are now allowed to grow not only mustaches, but also beards. This decision was the result of long discussions and refinements that lasted several months.</strong></p>
<p>The adoption of this policy marks a new era in the appearance of the British military, writes the BBC.</p>
<p>According to the new directive, the beard and mustache must be well-groomed and neat. <strong>Hair length is regulated from 2.5 to 25.5 millimeters,</strong> and hair color must also meet the standards. Compliance with these requirements will be regularly reviewed.</p>
<p>The decision marks a change to conservative facial hair policies in the British Army, where <strong> previously only neat mustaches were permitted. </strong>For the past hundreds of years, beards have been banned.</p>
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The beard must be well-groomed and not long/Photo by Seniv Petro

The army leadership hopes that this decision will help to attract more recruits among the young a generation that prefers to grow facial hair. However, in special cases, the command may order the shaving of the beard and mustache depending on the situation.

This initiative marks the end of many years of conservative restrictions on appearance in the British Army.

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