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In Thailand, they “declared” a war on monkeys: the insolent animals are rebelling

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr4,2024

>> In Thailand, they “announced” monkey war/DailyMail

The city of Lopburi in Thailand is famous for its monkeys. Around the Khmer temple of Prang Sam Yot and the Khmer shrine of Sarn Phra Karn, hundreds of crab-eating macaques gather.

In November, during the monkey festival, the city residents feed them. Monkeys are not afraid of people and regularly steal food. Now the animals have finally become insolent. This is reported by the DailyMail.

Real “gangs” of monkeysterrorizing a Thai tourist town. The local police department has issued wooden slingshots with which officers can shoot the unruly primates, who often steal food from shops and tourists' belongings, as well as damage the city's property.

Police Major General Apirak Vechkanchana ordered the creation of special combat unitwith aggressive wild monkeys. They are only allowed to use rocks to shoot primates when there are no other ways to control them, he said. Officers were also instructed to prevent the monkeys from stealing or damaging items.

I am aware of the potential danger emanating from the monkeys. They began to pose a threat to tourists and local residents. The slingshots that our officers now have will help if necessary to threaten the monkeys, said Police Major General Apirak Vechkanchana.

Employees of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection have also started catching the most vicious trespassing monkeys and move them to temporary shelters. However, they had some difficulties as the primates climbed tall buildings and trees whenever humans approached them.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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