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In Moscow, searches were conducted in the offices of the manufacturers of the Zircon rocket, and the media

According to journalists, the search at the company “Sirena-Travel” is connected with attacks on the IT infrastructure of the Russian system booking tickets. Nothing is known about the reasons for the search at the NDC of ASK.

In Moscow, the police, the Russian Guard and FSB conducted searches in the offices of the Scientific Research Center of Automated Design Systems (NDC of ASK), as well as the company Syrena- Travel”. “Radio Liberty” reports this.

According to the journalists, NDC ASK is part of the “Tactical Missile Armaments” corporation. It is she who is engaged in the production of hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, with which Russia not so long ago began shelling Ukraine.

In addition, as reported, the office of the company “Sirena-Travel” was searched at the same time. The company deals with the Russian Leonardo air ticket reservation system.

It is noted that the offices of NDC ASK and “Sirena-Travel” are located in the same building.

As reported by the Russian publication “Kommersant”, however, a search in “Sirena-Travel” is associated with attacks on the IT infrastructure of the Russian ticket booking system. The company encountered them back in the fall of 2023.

It is reported that the company itself allegedly informed the Russian security forces about the incidents and provided all the necessary documents and equipment.

However, as the journalists noted, about the reasons nothing is known about operational measures in the office of the NDC of the ASK. It is also unclear whether the searches at the NDC of ASK and “Sirena-Travel” were connected.

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