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In Italy, they created sneakers that can change their size

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

In Italy, they created sneakers that can change their size

Sneakers, which can change their size/designboom

The Italian designer announced the release of unique 4Steps sneakers. They can “grow” together with the child's leg. This will primarily please teenagers and their parents, who have to constantly buy new shoes because they have grown out of the old ones.

Designer Michele Di Carlo presented the concept of 4Steps sneakers, with a special design that allows you to increase the size of the shoes. The sneakers will grow as a person's feet grow.

This feature is primarily intended for 6-14 year olds. After all, it is at this age that the most active growth of the whole body occurs.

There will be only three details: base, sole and shape of the sockfrom dense fabric. To increase the size, you need to disassemble the sneakers, pull them out along the foot and put the parts together again and tie all the laces. By the way, it is the elastic laces that hold the construction together.

In the warm season, the open honeycomb structure allows air to pass through the sneakers, and in the cooler season, you may need an extra layer of socks to protect against the cold.

< p>In Italy, they created sneakers that can change their size

Sneakers that can change their size/designboom

Michel Di Carlo first presented 4Steps as his innovative diploma project at the University of Camerino in Italy back in 2017. According to him, the sneakers can be printed on a 3D printer of flexible and durable FilaFlex plastic, as well as stretchable polyurethane.

The color of each part can be selected in a special online configurator or you can create your own design by downloading it in a 3D printer. And the weight of adjustable sneakers will be only 123 grams. The designer shared that his shoes of the future are inexpensive, but Michel did not specify the exact cost.

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