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In China, a generator has been developed that creates red-hot plasma for years

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

U China has developed a generator that creates red-hot plasma for years

Traditional devices keep plasma for only a few days. The new design significantly extended the service life of the devices.

Researchers from the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences in China have extended the lifetime of a plasmatron from several hundred hours to several years. Scientists claim to have created the “longest-lasting” plasma generator in the world. The device is suitable for widespread use in various industries.

The disadvantage of modern devices – limited service life – hindered the large-scale use of plasmatrons in production. Conventional fixed cathodes require regular replacement as they wear out, resulting in short instrument life and high maintenance costs.

Chinese scientists have developed a cathode system with continuous supply, which made it possible to quickly replenish worn cathodes in plasmatrons. This eliminates the limitation of the service life, providing an almost unlimited service life of the plasma flame, the developers claim.

Our design overcomes five main obstacles (for the large-scale use of plasmatrons – ed.). This includes electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, sealing, water cooling and a continuous motion mechanism, – says Li Jun, an engineer who is one of the developers of the new plasmatron

The university's announcement did not provide additional information about the structure of the plasma generator, as well as how it was tested. There is also no information yet on the publication of the research results in peer-reviewed journals.

Plasmotron – it is a device that generates a constant stream of plasma. In this state, the substance overheats, atoms lose electrons and form an ionized gas. It can be used, for example, for precise cutting of conductive materials, creation of low-carbon alloys and spheroidization of powders.

Natasha Kumar

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