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In a week, the “Army of Drones” destroyed more than a hundred invaders and 25 Russian tanks

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

In one week, the

During the past week, the “Drone Army” destroyed more than 100 invaders, almost 200 strongholds and various military equipment of Russian troops, including tanks, armored vehicles and artillery systems.

During the past week, from May 12 to 20, strike units provided by the “Drone Army” destroyed more than a hundred invaders and almost twice as many strongholds of Russian troops. This was stated by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.


Drones have become an integral part of modern warfare, it already its critical element. Drones destroy enemies with minimal risks for our defenders. There should be more technologies at the front — and will be

– said Fedorov. 

According to the statistics of the “Army of Drones”, 25 tanks were destroyed last week 

  • 25 tanks
  • 62 guns
  • 35 units of radio equipment
  • 117 occupants
  • 36 armored fighting vehicles
  • 1 unit of anti-aircraft defense
  • 192 support points 
  • 14 self-propelled guns
  • 105 trucks/units of special transport
  • 10 warehouses with BC/fuel
  • 4 units of anti-aircraft guns < /li>

Drone Army destroyed more than a hundred invaders and 25 Russian tanks in a week


It is noted that the report included data from the NSU company, the SBU unit, 15 companies of the Armed Forces and 1 unit of the State Special Communications Unit. All units provided video confirmation of the elimination of targets.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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