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Developers from the United States presented revolutionary smart glasses for $ 20, which work on the basis of AI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Developers from the US presented revolutionary smart glasses for $ 20, which work on the basis of AI

American developers presented innovative smart glasses Open Glass, the cost of which is $  20. The device works on the basis of artificial intelligence and can perform a wide range of functions, such as voice control, language translation, and even integration with chatbots such as ChatGPT.

Thanks to AI, the glasses can answer the user's questions in real time, providing advice and recommendations. The device can also be used for speech transcription and optical character recognition, making it useful in a variety of situations, from job interviews to casual encounters.

A special feature of these glasses is the ability to synthesize the voice of any chatbot, allowing users to interact with artificial intelligence through voice commands. The technology was named "RizzGPT", which means "charisma as a service" in real time, as it helps users communicate more effectively by providing them with prompts during conversations.
An additional advantage of these glasses is their ability to connect to speech transcription and text recognition services. For example, they can help during interviews, meetings or even in restaurants, providing recommendations on the choice of dishes based on the taste preferences of the user and the nutritional value of the products.

Today, more and more innovative solutions appear on the market. in the field of smart glasses. For example, Stanford student Brian Hau-Ping Chang integrated the ChatGPT chatbot into his Monocle AR glasses, allowing them to recognize faces and provide relevant conversational information based on previous text messages.

Natasha Kumar

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