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Hunter x Hunter: its creator gives reassuring news on the rest of the manga

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Hunter x Hunter advances no turtle. While Yoshihiro Togashi recently teased one of the possible endings of his work, the mangaka finally took advantage of this. this June to reveal more about the progress of the next chapters. A slow pace of publication which at least allows fans to discover other works while waiting, including this recommended sports manga. by Togashi himself. 

Hunter x Hunter: its creator gives reassuring news on the continuation of the manga

Togashi tells us more about the sequel to hunter x hunter

In addition to YūYū Hakusho, a classic which will soon be entitled to its live-action adaptation by Netflix, Yoshihiro Togashi is best known for Hunter x Hunter, undoubtedly one of the most appreciated shonen of the last 20 years. es.A classic of the genre signed; from an industry giant, who still takes his time. While One Piece has far exceeded the thousand chapters, Hunter x Hunter is not yet there; half.

Hunter x Hunter: its creator gives reassuring news on the rest of the manga

Despite; everything, Hunter x Hunter will end, with a Togashi who has not lost his touch.Fans are always happy to see him back at work between breaks, with information shared by the mangaka himself. And recently, Togashi has been focusing on the progress of four chapters currently in progress. All are at different stages, but one thing is for sure: Togashi has not let his talent in the locker room.



June 7, 2024

According to Togashi:

  • Chapter 405 – Dialogue completed, background drawing in progress;
  • Chapter 406 – The dialogue is still not finished, even after six hours of work;
  • Chapter 410 – Inking completed ;
  • Chapter 411 – Line drawing begins.

Hunter x Hunter advances to the next level. its rhythm, a work that has continued since its beginnings in 1998.Health problems chronicles force Togashi to agrave; take regular breaks to recover strength, leaving the work in a state of forced stasis. But currently, production is resuming.Fans can therefore expect; discover new boards soon, hoping that Togashi won't be forced to do so. to retreat into the shadows again.

Hunter x Hunter: its creator gives reassuring news on the rest of the manga

A difficult situation for the mangaka who nevertheless testifies to his passion for his work and for his work. Despite pain, Togashi seems determined to à offering Hunter x Hunter fans a worthy ending. And that's good news, readers are impatient to discover what the Japanese master has concocted for them. behind the scenes.

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