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Doctor Who: New Season Introduces a New Doctor

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

How many incarnations has Doctor Who had? If in terms of continuity “Simplified”, Ncuti Gatwa is generally considered to be “simplified”. Like the Fifteenth Doctor, things are actually not that simple. Latest proof to date: the latest episode of Doctor Who has just made canon one of the most little-known incarnations of the famous hero.

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

One more face for Doctor Who

When Russell T Davies relaunches the Doctor Who seriesin 2005, he strived to make continuity, already 42 years old, the simplest and most readable possible. Butthe exercise is a real tour de force. Indeed, in just over 40 years, Doctor Whohas seen several hundred TV episodes, 2 cinema films which are not considered canon, comics, a play, audio episodes, a spin -off dedicated à his K9 robot dog (yes, yes, it exists), or even a “semi-official” anniversary episode where Rowan Atkinson, Mister Bean himself, is the Doctor Who. And that's precisely where he comes from. that it gets complicated.

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

In these numerous side adventures, Doctor Who has sometimes had incarnations less known to the general public, which widens the already existing score. The result of the 15 official incarnations of the series. We were also talking to you about two little-known female incarnations not long ago right here.But the series itself took it a step further by allowing the Doctor to suddenly encounter past incarnations, which he had either forgotten or wanted to keep secret ;res.

The 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, introduced a Doctor, the War Doctor,from the middle of the Doctor's life that the public did not know. Since then, radical changes and additions to the lore have become common.The Fugitive Doctor, along with a series of other incarnations prior to the First Doctor, made their debut during the period when the Doctor was incarnated by actress Jodie Whittaker. This liberation from writing the series finally allows the authors to have a little more fun with the incarnation counter. However, last weekend, the showrunner took the liberty of'add to the official canon a little-known face of the Doctor incarnated by by the great Richard E. Grant!

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

Who is this new Doctor Who

In the sixth episode of the first season of Disney+, Rogue, theDoctor is about to be shot by a bounty hunter spatio-temporal who takes him for a being of a species of shapeshifting bird capable of changing appearance. By activating a holographic device,he suddenly makes the different faces appearthat he may have had and thus proves that he is in reality a Time Lord. Nostalgics and fans then recognize, amused, actors like David Tennant or Matt Smith, but suddenly an unexpected face appears: that of the actor Richard E. Grant.

This British actor is well known for his many cult roles in films like Withnail and I or Gosford Park, and he appeared in recent series like Loki, Game of Thrones or even Saltburnon Prime. However, the actor also has a very long and very heavy history with the universe of Doctor Who, but which until now was best known to the most picky fans of the series.

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

First of all, Grant was one of the many faces of the Doctor in the anniversary parody episode Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death alongside Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, Joanna Lumley and even Hugh Grant (yes, Hugh Grant and Mister Bean were Doctor Who, you read that correctly). Later,Grant also played an enemy of the Doctor, Doctor Walter Simeonand the Great Intelligence in the Christmas 2012 episode:The Ice Lady. But these are still relatively accessible references. Because in reality, after his brief appearance as the Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death, the actor has once again been requested to play the Doctor in two new adventures completely new in France.

The door open to the “other” Doctors?

Indeed, in 2003, before Russell T Davies is relaunching the series with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, the BBC's digital media arm was preparing animated episodes by the Doctor, The Scream of the Shalka,in which it was Richard E. Grant who played the Doctor and served as a model for the drawings. Due to the arrival of the new live-action episodes, The Scream of the Shalka almost never came out, but it was ultimately released. diffused à the end of 2003. Finally Grant is the incarnation of the doctor in a game released for the 50th anniversary of the series:A Time and a place.

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

This Doctor was even once thought to be a by the BBC as the one who would allow the return of the series,but Davies did not wish to hire for the role. Now things are changing and Grant's Doctor in the flesh has finally become official in just a matter of seconds. The door is now open for the many other little-known Doctors of the “Who” universe, such as that of the great Peter Cushing.

Doctor Who: new season introduces a new Doctor

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